I failed Grade 10!

This was the first time ever repeating a grade. The most painful part of that day was not because I failed, but because my mother had to come with me to school to get the report. While other parents were happy for their kids my mom kept calm.

I remember being in bed crying later that day, listening to my brother in the background saying: “She will never accept it, I know that she can never fail, I bet she’s going to ask for a remark”. That’s how much he believed in me 

My message to you!

If you don’t focus, you will fail at some point.
If you don’t appreciate and respect the time and support you have around you today, tomorrow might be too late.

As you start your new term at school, remember that your parents are sacrificing a lot for you to get the best, often they try give you what they never had, value that!

I accepted my failure and used the pain I saw in my mother’s eyes as motivation to do better. I took my brothers words when he said, she will never fail! I realized that he believes in me enough to see me succeed.

Don’t wait until you fail, take my story and apply it in your life.

Our stories might not be the same but through our stories we can learn so much.

Written by : RealTalkWithNthabi

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