In 2008, I took a decision to drop out of university. At the time I was enrolled with University of the North West famously known as UNIBO. I will tell you next time why I dropped out, today is about #business. In 2009, I registered with Tshwane University of Technology where I studied a diploma In Web Applications and Development.

My family used to send me R 500 per month, with this amount I had to pay rent R350 and the remaining R 150 was for food, cosmetics and everything else I needed. You probably wondering what you can buy with R150 these days, it’s not enough to buy much but I had to make it work.

One Friday, after class as I was walking to my room, a guy driving a grey MEGANE stopped me and offered to take me out for dinner, it was around 5:30 pm at the time, I quickly thought of what I had in my grocery cardboard and it was Half white, morvite, potatoes and minestrone soup. Can you guess what I did? Well I went to the date, and ordered steak and chips. I finished the whole plate because back eish, fast forward, he gave me R100; I was so excited, thinking of what I can do with it. Monday, I’m in class with my friend, lunch time I tell him all about the Friday date. He asked me this “Do you know this person? What’s his intension?” it didn’t matter at the time; we bought “KOTA’s” with that money. Only later I wondered? So next time this guy will give me R200, then I can be able to buy myself a Jean at Mr Price and more staff I needed. Mmmh could this work? What will he want in return? Is it worth it? Question after Question.


I remembered that I dropped out, my old friends have graduated and I am still working on my diploma, in our language we used to say #REJACOURSE “meaning, we working towards passing”

I started selling AVON products, with the commission I made I would buy myself cosmetics from Avon and have few Rands to buy bread and 6 dozen of eggs. In the library, I would put the avon plastic in front of me and leave my card for people to contact me later, lunch time or breaks I got in between, I’d knock at every Res in campus and sell the products. Some days where good, some bad but I kept working on it and finding strategies to make people buy.

I became a Sales Representative and started earning R 1000 per month when I reach my targets. If I can manage to be a student and sales lady at the same time, what could stop me from doing business? NOTHING AT ALL! There you have it, #NTHABIMOKGOSI #NTHABITHEENTREPRENEUR started somewhere and she’s going far. I am now CEO of iLDESIGNS


Written by : RealTalkWithNthabi

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