I Empower & Transform.

I am who I decide to be each and every day. I am who I choose to be each day.. God being my center, my guide and driver I see greatness.

You will lose small battles in order to win the WAR, but this requires you to balance your life. You need to differentiate and find a balance between what you can and cannot change. Choosing to step back doesn’t mean you’re a failure or a coward for that matter, it means you can see when to stop and take a step back.

What you claim to be capable of remains invisible until you decide to ACT. I’ve learned that your imagination can excite you in seeing the end result but if you don’t start painting that image it will remain unseen.

You can overcome anything by being tenacious. Set high goals and never give up. It’s tempting to take the easy way out but it’s not worth it… Your battle is that you want to start running before gaining the stamina to do so, start walking and build on it. Step by Step!

Transformation starts by you making a decision. All the life coaches, Mentors etc. cannot make a decision for you, but only guide your path and share the knowledge that you weren’t aware of. I challenge to always ask yourself why you do what you do, when you do it while you at it answer this Are you doing it for you or others?

You can never stop learning! Every day is a chance to learn something new. Discover new things that can benefit your life.

I had my share of not being efficient at time and I realised that I’m risking my chances of being progressive and building my empire. If you don’t take yourself serious, no one will and what you put on the table is what you will be WORTH.
Take time to evaluate yourself, to see where you lacking and work on that.

Written by : RealTalkWithNthabi

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