Two things that define our world is our perception and how we act on it.

If your mind shifts, so does the world around you.

Take a moment each day, and think about all the things you used to imagine,
this time with the intention of seeing them becoming a reality.

Impossible is temporary and the sooner you realize that the unknown fear you keep running away from is the key to your breakthrough, the better.

Some think progress is about seeing the opportunity. 
Just because you cannot see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

I wrote down the name of my company before I knew what services it would offer. I believed that one day it would become a reality and be one of the best company ever. There was a driving force behind it #SELFMOTIVATION

Never doubt your ideas, never think that somethings are impossible when you have never ever attempted to try.

“I have seen what hard work can do & I know what more it can & will do”.

Look at the invisible until you can see the visible.


Written by : RealTalkWithNthabi

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