The Queen

Finding inspiration in the success of others is a common way to find motivation to follow through on your goals. I look at this two Queens and all I can say is your story is not my story but through our stories there's so much to learn or take! "Let your inner queen's voice come through loud and clear. Be strong, be authentic, be you, and you'll do her proud." I am The Queen đź‘‘ A daughter of Thee Queen đź‘‘ & I am inspired by This Queen đź‘‘

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Prayer For God to Change ME

Dear Lord, I often spend my time worried and unhappy about things that may never happen and yet I know that this is not only wrong in Your sight but it is affecting me and my relationship with my friends and family. Change me Lord from the inside out so that I do not fret and worry about things that may never happen but help me rather to focus my mind on what is good and lovely and give others the support and encouragement that they need - and not expect others to address the needs and concerns that I have. Lord I know that I can never change on my own – but I know that when I allow You to work Your good work through me I will show forth Christ’s love in my life and not [...]

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In 2008, I took a decision to drop out of university. At the time I was enrolled with University of the North West famously known as UNIBO. I will tell you next time why I dropped out, today is about #business. In 2009, I registered with Tshwane University of Technology where I studied a diploma In Web Applications and Development. My family used to send me R 500 per month, with this amount I had to pay rent R350 and the remaining R 150 was for food, cosmetics and everything else I needed. You probably wondering what you can buy with R150 these days, it’s not enough to buy much but I had to make it work. One Friday, after class as I was walking to my room, a guy driving a grey MEGANE [...]

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