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TOTAL SOUTH AFRICA PAD DRIVE IMPACTING LIVES  Women's Day Celebrated packing goodies for the disadvantaged girls in school With the theme RED, BLACK & PINK Total South Africa started Women's month with giving hope to those in need. Total SA identified a school in Mpumalanga that needed help with sanitary towels and cosmetics in general. As realtalkwithnthabi, we had the honor to witness the wonderful work done by the company and mostly women employees from Total SA. Divided we fall, together we stand This a quote that summarises the unity we witnessed at Total SA. All the Women from Total SA gathered in one place to pack gifts for the identified school. The items included sanitary towels, toothpaste and more. BOGATSU PRIMARY SCHOOL IN RUSTENBURG, TLOKWENG Real Talk With [...]


I Empower & Transform. I am who I decide to be each and every day. I am who I choose to be each day.. God being my center, my guide and driver I see greatness. #BALANCE You will lose small battles in order to win the WAR, but this requires you to balance your life. You need to differentiate and find a balance between what you can and cannot change. Choosing to step back doesn’t mean you’re a failure or a coward for that matter, it means you can see when to stop and take a step back. #ACTION What you claim to be capable of remains invisible until you decide to ACT. I’ve learned that your imagination can excite you in seeing the end result but if you don’t start painting that image it will remain unseen. #TENACITY [...]

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Prayer For God to Change ME

Dear Lord, I often spend my time worried and unhappy about things that may never happen and yet I know that this is not only wrong in Your sight but it is affecting me and my relationship with my friends and family. Change me Lord from the inside out so that I do not fret and worry about things that may never happen but help me rather to focus my mind on what is good and lovely and give others the support and encouragement that they need - and not expect others to address the needs and concerns that I have. Lord I know that I can never change on my own – but I know that when I allow You to work Your good work through me I will show forth Christ’s love in my life and not [...]

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In 2008, I took a decision to drop out of university. At the time I was enrolled with University of the North West famously known as UNIBO. I will tell you next time why I dropped out, today is about #business. In 2009, I registered with Tshwane University of Technology where I studied a diploma In Web Applications and Development. My family used to send me R 500 per month, with this amount I had to pay rent R350 and the remaining R 150 was for food, cosmetics and everything else I needed. You probably wondering what you can buy with R150 these days, it’s not enough to buy much but I had to make it work. One Friday, after class as I was walking to my room, a guy driving a grey MEGANE [...]

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WORD to the YOUTH!

I failed Grade 10! This was the first time ever repeating a grade. The most painful part of that day was not because I failed, but because my mother had to come with me to school to get the report. While other parents were happy for their kids my mom kept calm. I remember being in bed crying later that day, listening to my brother in the background saying: "She will never accept it, I know that she can never fail, I bet she's going to ask for a remark". That's how much he believed in me :) My message to you! If you don't focus, you will fail at some point. If you don't appreciate and respect the time and support you have around you today, tomorrow might be too late. As you start your new term at [...]

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Nthabi Mokgosi | Entrepreneur

Lebogang Nthabiseng Mokgosi Is the brains behind ILDESIGNS CREATIVE APPROACH. She is a renowned editor & Founder of Real Talk With Nthabi Foundation. She is a Motivational Coach who aims to be a backend and a source of inspiration to others. Born and bred in a small town of Mahikeng (Tsetse Village) in the North West province, Nthabiseng went through life changing experiences to be where she is today. Driven by the desire for a better life for herself and those around her, Nthabiseng equipped herself with the most powerful weapon in life, Education! She graduated from the Tshwane University of Technology and she is a qualified Senior Web Developer and Designer. This entrepreneur started her first company at the tender age of 22. Asked what her secret is by her peers, she simply responds, “There [...]


Two things that define our world is our perception and how we act on it. If your mind shifts, so does the world around you. Take a moment each day, and think about all the things you used to imagine, this time with the intention of seeing them becoming a reality. Impossible is temporary and the sooner you realize that the unknown fear you keep running away from is the key to your breakthrough, the better. Some think progress is about seeing the opportunity.  #BeyondVisibleIsInvisible Just because you cannot see it, doesn't mean it's not there. Be #patient Have #faith Be #confident Keep #working Believe in your #idea Invest in #yourself I wrote down the name of my company before I knew what services it would offer. I believed that one day it would become a reality and be one of the best company [...]

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I have an 8 – 5 and RUN my own business.

You know you are a leader when you don't settle for the ordinary. Some get into business because they need extra cash, fair enough, note that that reason will not sustain your long term plan. I have an 8 - 5 and have my own business. Is it easy? No it's not, is it possible to have 2 jobs? Yes it is possible. You don't just wake up and decide to quick without a solid plan, build your company until you can afford to run it full time. Where do I get the time? I stay up till late to work on clients projects, PAID Projects. Don't invest or sacrifice your sleep and not getting Return on Investment. I don't brag about sleeping less hours that I should, it's unhealthy but at times I got to do it. [...]

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Real Talk With Nthabi Foundation visits Tshwaraganang Children’s Home

Real Talk With Nthabi Foundation visited Tshwaraganang Children’s Home in Hammanskraal. The home consists of kids from the age of 2 – 19 years. Lebogang Nthabiseng Mokgosi, who is the founder hosted a Seminar in December 2017, to raise funds towards this project. The foundation was joined by other organisations in Gauteng including Sanitary Towels and Deodorants Team. All teams donated items from clothes, food, cleaning materials and sanitary towels and deodorants. Words from the founder “I will like to say thank you to everyone who took their time and spent it with us at the center, I am humbled. I also encourage people to start helping those in need, helping others doesn’t always” require money, sometimes sharing the little that you have goes a long way. Together we can do more”.

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