#No1 :Learn to accept what you can’t change : You never imagined at any given time the pain that you’ve felt , the truth is life is unpredictable , what seem to be working today , might not necessarily work tomorrow .

#No2 : Face it: If you think not talking about it will make it go away , think again. You would rather face it now , than later.

#No3: Stop with the how , why , when … chances are you will never get answers

#No4: Allow yourself time : You need time to think , to heal , to take in everything you experienced. “Avoid rushing into anything that will lead you back to that pain.

#No5: Get Over It: When all is said and done, make a decision, remind yourself that you are enough as you are.
Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of pain, you felt it, cried about it & talked about it, now make a decision to let it go.

#No6 Invest in yourself : Do things that you love the most, appreciate life and every opportunity that comes with it.

#No7 Be Happy: No one is capable of making you happy if you aren’t happy with yourself , love yourself, spoil yourself, enjoy time with yourself & take care of yourself and your health.
#No8: Don’t Stop Praying

You are Worth It After-all

Real Talk With Nthabi

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