When you want something really bad, you do whatever it takes to get it.
The minute you get it , you want nothing but great results out of that .
What happens when your hopes , wishes & plans are not granted ?
Some try to find a solution , Some give up, Some accept & let go.

It’s never easy to invest emotions , time , money , thoughts & in return you get #Dololo
It’s not easy to accept that it is what it is.
Stop running away from your problems , stop being ignorant & assuming that it will come to pass.
For as long as you haven’t dealt with your circumstances , they will always follow you & for as long as you allow problems, downfalls & setbacks take over your power & strength you will suffer until you do what’s right !
Easy! Well, I for one know for a fact that it’s easy said than done. No one said it was gonna be easy !

No one said it was gonna be easy when you get to high school , university or work .No one said it was going to be easy when you got pregnant at a young age , no one said it was gonna be easy when you lost all your loved once who took care of you,No one said it was going to be easy when you find yourself jobless, failing, falling apart !No one said any of that!Now that you know it’s not easy , work on making it worth it . Take that journey, carry that throne , go through that storm , face it , fight it , pray about it , do what you can ! Just don’t give up!
Accept what can’t be changed , focus on what can be done better today!
We carry bags full of pain, anger , problems , stress , hate, worries – Take it all off , this is not your battle , wipe off those tears ! Trust God ! Seek him first!Don’t worry about us in the world , we will tell you what you think you wanna hear but truth is

“Greater is He that is within us , than he that is in the world ! ”

Real Talk With Nthabi

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