At some point in your life you didn’t imagine the life you have now. You lived many years of your life being sure of what you have and having no doubt that you will have it forever.

You had it all figured out, passed matric, went to tertiary or got a job, found love and lived happy. Until life opened a new chapter of failure, problem, loss , pain and disappointments. Now all you thought you’ve figured out is showing you another side.

As human we get too attached to what we love and what we believe in, we believe in what we have and often conclude that nothing will change this!, “To good to be true?” trust me we’ve all passed that stage, the little voice in you knows very well.

What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise – Every experience in your life , is a lesson , a reminder of who you are and what you believe in. It’s not always easy to forget all the trials you’ve faces, truth is you will never, there’s always going to be something that reminds you of the past, reminds you of what used to be.

Break free and accept life for what it is – Note that some things will not change , only you can change how you view life and how you turn your trials to opportunities to be better. Stop playing VICTIM, how long will it be really?

See what lies ahead – Often you block good things from happening in your life, just because your focus is on the past or lost times. You are unable to see all the blessings in your life, the best people you have in your circle and great opportunities that are right on your face. Truth is life happens, life is unpredictable, what seem to be real today might not be tomorrow. IT IS WHAT IT IS – don’t waste a moment of joy by lost moments. Your pain is controlled by your ability to understand and see life for what it is.
Break Free!
See What lies Ahead! See Your Blessings!

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