One of the reasons i love pictures is the memories – This was the day I was at church , testifying on how great God is and how he keeps amazing me.

Being faced with trials is not a setback, it’s a two steps closer to your destiny. God will never put you in any situation you cannot handle.

The car had to spin four times & fall down the ditch for me to remember his greatness … He was reminding me that I am here, I have created you for a purpose and you have a role to play.
Often you look far for answers , when GOD is just next to you , constantly reminding you and showing you the way. My everyday Prayer

God I thank you for my life, I thank you for what you have done and what you still going to do, use me , guide me and instill in me the strength to become the change i want to see.
Your prayer, is your communication to God. He listens and answers you in different ways.
BE GRATEFUL FOR THE LIFE YOU HAVE! God has big plans for you .
Real Talk With Nthabi

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