Don’t do anything out of desperation , or allow yourself to be controlled just because you are not working , or you only have a life degree not an academic degree.
As much as we all had choices in life with the same amount of time God gave us as to how we use it , for some it’s hard!

Behind every success there’s a story . You don’t just wake up to all your dreams & aspirations coming through , you leave & experience every step.

Time waits for no man , therefore you need to chase time at your own pace & realize that you need to do something with your life , forget the lost time , focus on the time you have now, it’s the only time you can work with.

And for you who have succeeded , don’t look down on others or brag about how you worked your butt off to get where you are with attitude ! Remain humble & help others to realize the importance of hard work , dedication & focus.

And for you who needs a push, the only person who can make it happen is you , if you not willing to take responsibility don’t expect more help or better results.

Your past is gone , think ahead better days are coming only if you are serious !

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