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Nthabi Mokgosi



Founder of ILDESIGNS CREATIVE APPROACH A design company that offers
business solutions through technology.


I am a Renowned editor & Founder of Real Talk With Nthabi Foundation.
A Non-Profit Organisation aimed at empowering & transforming the world.


Interviews and Talks


RTWN Sanitary Towels and Deodorants Campaign was launched in December 2015.
This campaign is aimed bringing back the confidence of girls and boys from disadvantaged background.
Why is this important?
This campaign helps to keep a girl child & boy child in school, to help them focus on
what’s more important and that is their studies.



In 2008, I took a decision to drop out of university. At the time I was enrolled with University of the North West famously known as UNIBO. I will tell you next time why I dropped out, today is about #business. In 2009, I registered with Tshwane University of Technology where I studied a diploma In Web Applications and Development & no I didn’t drop out I graduated 🎓

My family used to send me R 500 per month, with this amount I had to pay rent R350 and the remaining R 150 was for food, cosmetics and everything else I needed. You probably wondering what you can buy with R150 these days, it’s not enough to buy much but I had to make it work.

One Friday, after class as I was walking to my room, a guy driving a grey MEGANE stopped me and offered to take me out for dinner, it was around 5:30 pm at the time, I quickly thought of what I had in my grocery cardboard and it was half white bread 🥪 , morvite, potatoes 🥔 , and minestrone soup. Can you guess what I did? Well, I went to the date and ordered steak and chips. I cleaned the plate knowing that eish back in my room there’s no much food, fast forward, he gave me R100; I was so excited, thinking of what I can do with it. Monday, I’m in class with my friend, lunch time I tell him all about the Friday date. He asked me this “Do you know this person? What’s his intention?” it didn’t matter at the time; we bought “KOTA’s” with that money. Only later I wondered? So next time this guy will give me R200, then I can be able to buy myself a pair of jeans 👖 at Mr. Price and more stuff I needed. Mmmh could this work? What will he want in return? Is it worth it? Question after Question.


I remembered that I dropped out, my old friends have graduated and I am still working on my diploma, in our language we used to say #REJA COURSE “meaning, we working towards passing”

I started doing promotions, sold Avon products, with the commission I made I would buy myself cosmetics from Avon and have few rands to buy bread and 6 dozen of eggs. In the library, I would put the Avon plastic in front of me and leave my card for people to contact me later, lunchtime or breaks I got in between, I’d knock at every resident in campus and sell the products. Some days were good, some bad but I kept working on it and finding strategies to make people buy.

I became a sales representative and started earning R 1000 per month when I reach my targets. If I can manage to be a student and sales lady at the same time, what could stop me from doing business? NOTHING AT ALL! There you have it, Nthabi Mokgosi started somewhere and she’s going far.

I am the brains behind iLDESIGNSEntrepreneur Puzzle & Realtalkwithnthabi Foundation

ooooh by the way you are not worth a plate of steak 🥩 and chips 🍟
You deserve the best & that starts by knowing your worth.

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ILDESIGNS Anniversary

It’s our anniversary…

5 years ago I registered my company when I was still in tertiary when I realized that my design skills can actually build something great for me.

I slowly built the business, from one client to 10, dropped from 10 to 5 clients as some were not paying and that affected the business. It grew again from 5 to over 100 clients and still going strong.

Believe it or not, I have a 9 – 6 Job too, which means I need to prioritize it and do my company work after hours and on weekends.

Don’t give up on your dream, understand that you need to start somewhere in life and along the way, there will be ups and downs. 
Keep your head up and keep working on yourself to get better and do better. | Follow us on iLDESIGNS and see our work

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Dear sister

Whatever is True,
Whatever is Honorable,
Whatever is Right,
Whatever is Pure,
Whatever is Lovely,
Whatever is of Good Repute,
If there is any Excellence & if anything Worthy of Praise,
dwell on these things

Phillipians 4:8 🙏🏿

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