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Nthabi Mokgosi

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Nthabi the Entrepreneur with DJ SBU
ILDESIGNS at Leadership2020 Seminars
Nthabi Mokgosi at Leadership2020 Seminars


Founder of ILDESIGNS CREATIVE APPROACH A design company that offers
business solutions through technology.


I am a Renowned editor & Founder of Real Talk With Nthabi Foundation.
A Non-Profit Organisation aimed at empowering & transforming the world.


RTWN Sanitary Towels and Deodorants Campaign was launched in December 2015.
This campaign is aimed bringing back the confidence of girls and boys from disadvantaged background.
Why is this important?
This campaign helps to keep a girl child & boy child in school, to help them focus on
what’s more important and that is their studies.




Women’s Day Celebrated packing goodies for the disadvantaged girls in school

With the theme RED, BLACK & PINK Total South Africa started Women’s month with giving hope to those in need. Total SA identified a school in Mpumalanga that needed help with sanitary towels and cosmetics in general. As realtalkwithnthabi, we had the honor to witness the wonderful work done by the company and mostly women employees from Total SA.

Divided we fall, together we stand

This a quote that summarises the unity we witnessed at Total SA. All the Women from Total SA gathered in one place to pack gifts for the identified school. The items included sanitary towels, toothpaste and more.


Real Talk With Nthabi with the assistance of TOTAL SA’s sponsorship has donated sanitary towels to Bogatsu Primary School in Rustenburg. The School was represented by Principal, Kedisaletse Molokwane & Makole Letswalo, who is now one of the young ambassadors of Real Talk With Nthabi Foundation.

  • Together we can do more #findthebox campaign Real Talk With Nthabi


I Empower & Transform.

I am who I decide to be each and every day. I am who I choose to be each day.. God being my center, my guide and driver I see greatness.

You will lose small battles in order to win the WAR, but this requires you to balance your life. You need to differentiate and find a balance between what you can and cannot change. Choosing to step back doesn’t mean you’re a failure or a coward for that matter, it means you can see when to stop and take a step back.

What you claim to be capable of remains invisible until you decide to ACT. I’ve learned that your imagination can excite you in seeing the end result but if you don’t start painting that image it will remain unseen.

You can overcome anything by being tenacious. Set high goals and never give up. It’s tempting to take the easy way out but it’s not worth it… Your battle is that you want to start running before gaining the stamina to do so, start walking and build on it. Step by Step!

Transformation starts by you making a decision. All the life coaches, Mentors etc. cannot make a decision for you, but only guide your path and share the knowledge that you weren’t aware of. I challenge to always ask yourself why you do what you do, when you do it while you at it answer this Are you doing it for you or others?

You can never stop learning! Every day is a chance to learn something new. Discover new things that can benefit your life.

I had my share of not being efficient at time and I realised that I’m risking my chances of being progressive and building my empire. If you don’t take yourself serious, no one will and what you put on the table is what you will be WORTH.
Take time to evaluate yourself, to see where you lacking and work on that.

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WORD to the YOUTH!

I failed Grade 10!

This was the first time ever repeating a grade. The most painful part of that day was not because I failed, but because my mother had to come with me to school to get the report. While other parents were happy for their kids my mom kept calm.

I remember being in bed crying later that day, listening to my brother in the background saying: “She will never accept it, I know that she can never fail, I bet she’s going to ask for a remark”. That’s how much he believed in me 

My message to you!

If you don’t focus, you will fail at some point.
If you don’t appreciate and respect the time and support you have around you today, tomorrow might be too late.

As you start your new term at school, remember that your parents are sacrificing a lot for you to get the best, often they try give you what they never had, value that!

I accepted my failure and used the pain I saw in my mother’s eyes as motivation to do better. I took my brothers words when he said, she will never fail! I realized that he believes in me enough to see me succeed.

Don’t wait until you fail, take my story and apply it in your life.

Our stories might not be the same but through our stories we can learn so much.

By | May 12th, 2018|campaign ambassador, Motivation, public speaking|


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